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YouTube Content ID

What is Content ID?

Content ID is an audio fingerprinting technology used by YouTube to prevent unauthorized use of copyright protected music. Some of our authors might opt to register their tracks with Content ID to have better control of their digital assets. All of our paid licenses include a License Certificate which lets you remove any Content ID claim in an easy way.


Whenever a track is registered with Content ID, you will see a notice like this in the item's page:

content id notice

Uploading to YouTube? Please follow these steps

If the track you intend to use is Content ID registered, please follow these steps to clear any copyright claims:

♦ If you downloaded a free file:

All free files are offered by the artists under a Creative Commons Attribution License. This usually means they are not registered with ContentID and are free to use commercially if you credit the author. If a free track you downloaded is protected with ContentID, you must contact the artist and ask for permission to use the track in your video. You can also send us an email to support[at]audiobanana[dot]com so we can remove the track from our database.

♦ If you bought a License from us, the clearing process is pretty easy:

1. Upload your video to YouTube as "Private" or "Unlisted". This way you can clear any copyright claims before your content goes live.




2. Go back to your Video Manager and look for a "copyrighted content" notice. Click on it to see all the details.  

copyright notice


3. Click on "File a dispute" to remove ads and other restrictions on your content.

file a dispute


4. Proceed with the dispute. Then, select "I have a license or permission from the proper rights holder to use this material."




5. Almost done! In the input box, write the following statement: "A license to use this stock music track was purchased from".

Then, copy and paste the contents of your License Certificate as in the example below. You can download your License Certificate in your Profile > My Downloads page.

license certificate


Make sure your name matches the one on your License Certificate and submit the dispute.

Great! Your content should be cleared within 24 to 96 hours. Remember to set your video back to "Public" once the copyright notice is removed.


For more information on Content ID, please read Google's Content ID Documentation, or browse our community forums, we'll be happy to help.