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  • General

    Why should I register at

    All registered users get access to free music downloads. You will also receive promotions and discount coupons from time to time. Sign up for a new account here.

    How many free files can I download per day?

    To prevent abuse, registered users can download a maximum of 2 free files per day.

    Why do you show ads?

    All free files show ads on their download page. This is to cover server and operational costs.

    How can I post a question in the forums?

    Only registered users can post in the forums. Please register for an account or login using your social media credentials.

    Can I sell my music on the library?

    Yes. Please read the special FAQ for authors here.


    How do free licenses work?

    All free files are offered under a Creative Commons Attribution License. You are free to use the music in all your projects, including social media channels as long as you credit the author of the track and the library.
    We do not offer License Certificates for free downloads.

    Is commercial use included in all licenses?

    Yes! All licenses in allow commercial use.

    Can I use the licensed music in multiple Projects or End Products?

    That depends on the type of license you choose. The Pro license allows commercial use in more than one Project/End Product. For a detailed view of all our available licenses, please visit our Licenses Page.

    What do you mean by Project or End Product?

    A Project or “End Product” is the final result of a production process. For example, an infomercial, a Youtube video, podcast, a mobile app or a film.

    I’d like to use the music in a Youtube intro, or as background music for all my YouTube videos. Which license do I need?

    If you want to use the music without limits in your YouTube channel, the Pro license will get you covered.

    YouTube Content ID

    What is the YouTube Content ID program?

    Content ID is a fingerprinting technology that prevents unauthorized use of copyrighted material inside the YouTube platform. To prevent abuse, some of our authors have registered their tracks with Content ID. This means they can monitor the use of their content and stop illegal or unauthorized distribution. All our paid licenses include YouTube monetization and we issue License Certificates to clear your video from any copyright notice.

    What does this mean to me as a buyer?

    If you’re uploading your video to YouTube and the music is registered with Content ID, a “Matched third-party content” notice will appear. You will need to provide your License Certificate to remove the copyright claim. For more information please read our Content ID guide.

    I don’t want to deal with the YouTube Content ID system. Is there a way around?

    While Content ID only applies to content uploaded to YouTube, you may choose to buy music not registered with the program. To do this, click the Audio Filters menu on the left search panel, and under the Content ID tab select “No”. This will remove all Content ID registered tracks from the search results.

    YouTube is showing ads or blocked one of my videos. What can I do?

    Please file a dispute and submit your License Certificate. This will remove the ads and clear the copyright notice. For detailed instructions please read our Content ID guide.

    How can I prevent YouTube from showing ads and/or blocking my videos?

    You can clear any claims in advance by uploading your video as “Unlisted”. Once all “third-party content” notices are cleared you can publish and monetise your video right away. For detailed instructions please read our Content ID guide.

    License Limitations

    Can I sell the music I purchased as part of an After Effects Template or Wordpress Theme?

    No, all the licenses are personal and non-transferable. The music is intended to be used as a creative element of a production, which means it should be integrated into the Project/End Product. However, you are free to bundle the watermarked version with your template/theme and add a link to the item's page, so your customer can buy the appropiate license for his project.

    Can I integrate the music in a downloadable product for sale?

    Yes, the Business license will let you use the music as part of a downloadable product, as long as it is fully integrated with other creative elements. It is not allowed to include the isolated audio files inside your product.

    Can I add vocals or other instruments to the licensed track and sell it or distribute it as my own?

    No, re-selling the music tracks, even if you add melodies, loops, vocals or any additional elements is not allowed.

    Can I edit the licensed tracks to suit my end product?

    Yes. You can cut, speed, EQ, loop, or add any other effects depending on your production needs.

    Can I integrate the music into an Audio Book?

    Sure! The Business license will get you covered.

    Performance Royalties and Cuesheets

    Do I need to pay any additional royalties for the purchased music?

    No. All the music in is Royalty-Free, which means you don’t have to pay any additional fees to use it.

    What about Performance Royalties?

    Performance royalties are paid by TV networks, radio stations, and other media providers when the music is broadcast or performed publicly. If you intend to use the music for broadcast, please file the corresponding cue sheet with all the required information.

    Where can I find more information about Cue Sheets?

    For detailed information regarding Cue Sheets please visit:

    To download a Cue Sheet Template, click here:

    To download a Cue Sheet sample click here:

    For instructions on how to fill the required information, click here:

    Payment Methods and Refunds

    Which payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all international credit and debit cards through PayPal. A PayPal account is not required; you can pay using your credit card directly.

    Is Paypal secure?

    Absolutely. All transactions are secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology with 256-bit encryption and are directly handled by PayPal.

    Do you store my credit card information?

    Never. All payments are handled directly by the PayPal using the highest security standards. We never get access to your credit card information.

    I didn’t like the track I bought. Can I ask for a refund?

    Unfortunately, we can’t offer refunds on tracks that have already been downloaded. We offer downloadable watermarked versions of all files so you can test them in your projects before you buy them.

    I bought the wrong track by mistake. What can I do?

    If for any reason you bought the wrong track:

    1.- Do not download the file. We cannot offer refunds for tracks that have already been downloaded.
    2.- Open a support ticket immediately, we’ll be happy to help you.

Didn’t find an answer? Please contact us, we’ll be happy to help.